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Car Insurance

We are committed to helping you choose the car insurance policy that suits you. Whether you're looking for student, first time, learner or family car insurance we help our customers choose only the policy benefits they want and avoid paying for any unnecessary extras you may never use nor ever wish to use. Our quick fire initial online quote system will only take you 1 minute and will get you well on the way to a low cost, high quality insurance policy tailor made just for you!

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Policy Benefits

As each car insurance policy is different, insurance companies will have a list of various car insurance benefits and within these benefits the level of cover will also vary! For example, with Breakdown Assistance some insurance companies may also include Home Start Cover at no extra charge. At we strive to get you only the benefits and cover you want at the lowest possible price, giving you total control of your car insurance policy!

Examples of the benefits we offer:

  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Driving Of Other Cars
  • Replacement Car in the event of an accident
  • Step Back Bonus Protection
  • Full Bonus Protection

One of our insurance gurus can guide you through a comprehensivelist of all the possible benefits and help you decide what type of policy will best suit your driving needs.

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