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Caveat Emptor: Cars With Hidden Finance

09 September 2014

A new report has found out that one-in-six cars that were looked at by potential buyers this year had outstanding finance still owing on them. This meant that, if they had purchased them, they risked losing them - even though they would not be at fau...

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Selfies While Driving

20 August 2014

Recently Ford sponsored a survey that revealed something shocking. One in four young people in Europe has taken a 'selfie'… while driving! When we read about this we were shocked that people would do this as it is a highly distracting activity, esp...

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Are Our Cars Safe Enough?

11 August 2014

In Europe we have the NCAP rating to determine the safety ranking on cars but in the US they have the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) which basically do the same job but with an added test or two.One of the extra tests that is carried ou...

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