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Can You Afford A Safe Car?

31 March 2014

As cars become more and more technologically advanced they are becoming safer and safer, but it is claimed that this new technology is being taxed out of the reach of most drivers. The question is, why is this new technology, which has the potential ...

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Can Telematics Make Your Car Insurance Cheaper?

24 March 2014

Airplanes have what is known as a ‘Black Box’. This is a box that records every bit of data from a flight. This data can then be analysed afterwards or recovered in the event of a crash. The data it holds can give the airlines an insight to what ...

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Being Attractive Means You Cause Car Crashes

10 March 2014

A survey by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and Vision Critical, has revealed that attractive women are more likely to be a cause of a road accident. The survey that was conducted highlights how much our busy lifestyles has an impact on our...

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