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End Of The Road For Old Cars, Or Is It?

03 March 2014

In the last 100 years the motor industry has been zooming along at break-neck speed. It has come a long way in a short space of time. Powered by the ingenuity of engineers, science and technology, cars are now as much a part of our lives as the food ...

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Guide To Preparing For Your NCT

24 February 2014

According to the official figures produces by the National Car Testing Service (NCTS) 53 per cent of vehicles failed their NCT in 2013, but then 90 per cent of those who failed went on to pass the retest. In a lot of cases this could be avoided by ca...

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Speeding: Are Gardaí Shooting Fish In A Barrel?

17 February 2014

The Gardaí are constantly vigilant about speeding motorists. You will consistently see them setting up speed checks around the country. Some of the people that they stop for speeding will shock you. They include the driver clocked on the N4 Clongown...

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