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Is Your Car Winter Proof?

15 January 2016

This last week has shown us that Winter is in full swing with it's dropping temperatures, snow and icy roads across the country, and with it comes winter driving. Last winter we talked about the importance of ggetting your car ready for the cold weat...

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Mobile Driving - Do You Do It?

02 November 2015

Texting and phoning at the wheel are just two things that are being seen more and more these days. A recent study on driving habits in Ireland has revealed the extent to which it is happening.The recent study has shown that at least one-in-five drive...

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Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

27 October 2015

As winter starts to raise its head, we really start to notice that the days are shorter and the nights are longer. The clocks also went back last weekend, which means it is now getting darker even earlier. Night-time driving is completely different t...

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