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The Importance of Car Maintenance

14 October 2015

A car that is well-maintained will be far safer to drive than one that does not undergo regular maintenance. Keeping your car is good running condition could help you to avoid accidents, thus keeping you from having to file claims on your insurance p...

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Would Raising The Legal Driving Age Limit Reduce Road Deaths?

18 September 2015

Reducing the number of young drivers being killed or injured on our roads. A significant percentage of Irish people are in favour of drastic action.A recent study has shown that there is a large amount of support for the argument that the age at whic...

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Roads Are 3,000 Cars Safer

27 July 2015

The National Car Testing Service (NCTS) have released the statistics for the first half of the year (1st Jan -30th June). In that period, over 3,000 cars have been taken off the road as they not only failed their NCT but were considered too dangerous...

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