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How exactly can new drivers save money on their car insurance?

22 November 2017

Car insurance premiums for young drivers have been as high as they have ever been in recent years. As a result a number of first time, learner and young drivers have been simply priced out of being able to drive altogether, at we bel...

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Young drivers can save hundreds of euros a year by cutting out these expensive habits

10 November 2017

Transport is the second highest expenditure for households across the country.The latest household figures available from the Central Statistics Office show that transport now accounts for the second largest chunk of an Irish family's expenditure com...

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Car insurance is still valid even in severe weather

19 October 2017

Car insurance not affected by Storm Ophelia.Ireland is currently recovering from it's worst storm in 50 years. Not since Hurricane Debbie in 1961 has a storm with the wind speeds and destructive force of Ophelia, made its way to this side of the Atla...

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