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How exactly can new drivers save money on their car insurance?

Car insurance premiums for young drivers have been as high as they have ever been in recent years. As a result a number of first time, learner and young drivers have been simply priced out of being able to drive altogether, at we believe that this is drastically unfair and first time driver insurance should not be at a crippling level. Young and first-time drivers are at an immediate disadvantage as they don’t have access to a no-claims bonus or driving experience discounts – and invariably end up paying more. There is also limited competition in the first-time market - a driver with a full no-claims bonus could have 15+ insurers looking to quote for their business, whereas a first-time driver might only have five insurers looking to quote.

**We would highly recommend getting expert help to scour the market if you're going to grab the best deal out there.**'s Managing Director Jonathan Hehir has proposed a number of tips that will help younger drivers get the best possible priced motor insurance premium;

- Moving from a provisional license to a full can instantly reduce your premium by up to 30%. While this may be a no brainer it is worth repeating as those lessons and tests might just pay for themselves!

- Discounts will be offered by certain insurers for drivers who have completed 10 lessons from a qualified driver instructor. Make sure you get these done ASAP.

- If possible plan ahead. Try get experience by being added to a parent’s policy for a period to help get the driving test. While traditionally most insurers will insist on a full year, some providers offer discounts to young drivers who have six months experience on their parent’s policy.

- Look at the model and engine size of any car you're planning to buy. Don’t be afraid to ask for different quotes for various from brokers. Also make sure you get a quote before you buy an older car or anything above a low engine size. You don't want to blow all your money on a slick pair of wheels and have to leave them sitting in your parents' driveway!

- Check the differences between third-party fire and theft and comprehensive, according to the value of the vehicles.

- If you are going on a parent or guardians policy; cost out all the alternatives, don't assume that one will be cheaper than the other.

- Remember that some insurance companies specialising in insuring young drivers are only available through a broker.

Source: Dublin Live

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