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Empire State of Ford

14 April 2014

April 16th & 17th this year will see two of the world's most recognisable icons come together, and not for the first time. The brand new 2014 Ford Mustang will go on display up on the observation deck onthe 86th floor of the Empire State Building in ...

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World's Tiniest Cars

13 January 2014

In our age of miniaturisation where the only things getting bigger are our smartphones, even our cars are getting smaller and smaller to the point where practicality becomes a concern. We have searched the internet high and low to find some of the sm...

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Extreme Upgradesā€¦ SMART or Clever?

06 January 2014

Here at we got into a deep conversation on modified cars. We started with the visual changes that we made to our very own SMART car, which is just a bog standard SMART car wrapped with our branding. One thing led to another and all o...

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